Wedding FAQs


A DJ may be less expensive, but some DJ’s charge hundreds of dollars just to play MP3 songs.

Also, you may need extras that a venue might charge you more for – e.g., sound system, that SJO provides to you free. DJ’s also do not generally act as an MC for your event in a formal style.

Some people opt for a smaller group of live musicians.  If space is an issue, then a smaller group may be your only option. However, some small groups can charge nearly as much as the SJO does.

And small group will never sound as impressive as a full 18 piece big band.


A DJ sitting in the corner ‘spinning’ MP3 songs will never sound as good, look as impressive, or be as memorable as a live 18 piece orchestra. Additionally, if you want your reception to be formal, then a DJ in a tux will never look as good as an 18 piece, tux clad, big band. Years from now, no one will remember the DJ at your wedding; however, you and your guests will remember your magical wedding reception hosted by SJO.

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The greatest majority of wedding parties that we do are contracted for 3 hours. The first hour will be taken up by the band entertaining your guests while you are finishing up with pictures.

The second hour is for the important and memorable moments like the bride's first dance, the bride's dance with her father and the all important cutting of the cake.

The third hour is a "wind down" time from a very long day for all concerned. It's a good time to gently close the bar, get designated drivers assigned and provides a chance to socialize with your well wishing friends before you toss the garter and ESCAPE!


We'll make every effort to accommodate your wishes by providing music for many wedding customs.  We can help you with music selections for  wedding party entrances, Bride Groom first dance, as well as dances with Father/Mother, etc.  We can also tailor the length and tempo of each song to your preferences.  Many couples and/or first dancers do not want to be on the dance floor alone for long periods of time.  We can also invite guests to join in during your first dances.


Among the most requested slow tunes that have stood the test of time are: Glenn Miller's "Moonlight Serenade", Hoagy Carmichaels's "Star Dust," or "The Nearness of You." We've also had requests for more up-tempo tunes, such as: "The Best is Yet to Come", "Fly Me to the Moon" or "The Way You Look Tonight".

These are a just a few among hundreds. If you wish special music, we can obtain or arrange most any special tune. There may be a charge for custom arrangement of a relatively obscure song, but usually we can find the tunes you want.


We will take an "inquiry" on your date and put a hold on it until you call to confirm and arrange for a formal contract. If we receive another request for the un-contracted date you have chosen, we will call you immediately. At that point, a decision will be needed along with a deposit and signed contract if you wish us to commit that date to your use. It is also a good idea to reserve the date as soon as you book a hall for your reception. Remember, particularly in the Spring and Summer, there are many weddings and desirable venues can sometimes be hard to find.